America Adapts

It’s official: Keeping History Above Water has entered the wonderful world of podcasts. Doug Parsons, the host of America Adapts: The Climate Change Podcast, joined...
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Is it enough?

Keeping History Above Water aims to advance knowledge and adaptation strategies for coastal communities facing the impacts of climate related sea level rise and flooding. But...
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Call for Papers

NRF is in the process of creating an edited book on the threats of rising sea level/riverine flooding to historic buildings, places, and landscapes.

It’s begun: Day 1

Finishing up the first day of the conference with walking tours and excursions while looking ahead to Day 2, "Postcards from the Edge." Read more to see a full schedule, great links, and much more.

All About the Buildings

Meet the people that focus on the actual structures of preservation and sea level rise, from elevating buildings to practical planning on flood insurance.

Conference Information

Have a question about the conference? Want to buy tickets or find out more information? Click on this post to discover the program, ticket options, and tools.

Climate Change in Newport

Pieter N. Roos, Executive Director of the Newport Restoration Foundation, published a guest post for the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Leadership Forum on the effects of climate change in Newport...