Following Keeping History Above Water®: Newport, the Newport Restoration Foundation formed a partnership with US/ICOMOS to develop and maintain a virtual Knowledge Community on Climate Change and Heritage to connect US practitioners to the international community of interest around these topics. Together (and with the help of some intrepid graduate students), we sourced and shared related to climate change and cultural heritage on social media and on the US/ICOMOS site.

Our first big project was a countdown of 22 cultural heritage #climateactions leading up to COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco (November 7-18, 2016). Traditionally, this annual gathering has focused on climate policy, but in 2016 US/ICOMOS organized two side events about the impacts of climate change on heritage and climate mobility. In the twenty-two days leading up to those events, we shared topics large and small that have some bearing on the conversations that took place.

US/ICOMOS also supported the work of two graduate internships and one residential fellowship to further explore the intersection of climate and cultural heritage. To read some of the work that resulted, visit our NEWS page.

We couldn’t have imagined this outcome when we first toyed with the idea of a conference, but we were thrilled to partner with US/ICOMOS in this way, and we’re looking forward to other potential collaborations on the horizon. And be sure to let us know if you have news to share on the Climate Change and Heritage Knowledge Exchange!

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