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For more information on what you can do in your own community, we’ve put together a Community Tool Kit. These links will help give an understanding of what you need to know about the ongoing changes and how to take action to protect your home or business, as well as what you can do to help out within your own neighborhoods.

***While Keeping History Above Water is not featured in the annual TrendsWatch, published by the Center for the Future of Museums, the 2015 report addresses rising sea levels directly.

TendsWatch 2015 suggests that “communities, less tied to a particular site by history, architecture and pride, will simply pick up and move (as did Valmeyer, Illinois, and New Pattonsburg, Missouri, after the great Mississippi floods of 1993).” [page 36]

Sobering figures included in the report, released by the American Alliance of Museums in their Museum Universe Database File (MUDF), identifies 12,236 out of 35,364 of museums and related organizations are within 100 kilometers of the coast.

NRF’s Executive Director Pieter Roos added to the TrendsWatch 2015 conversation with a contribution to the December 2015 online community, titled “Why Museums Are Tackling Climate Change.”

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