The inaugural Keeping History Above Water® conference in April 2016 kicked off a cascade of related projects and programs, both close to home in Newport and around the world. Check out what’s keeping us busy!

We are…


Partnering with the City of Newport on the creation of graphics for the Newport Historic District Commission’s Design Guidelines for Elevating Historic Buildings.

Developing design interventions and SLR visualizations for the Point Neighborhood in Newport with RISD’s Interior Architecture program. Proposals were shared at a community open house on May 26, 2017, and the exhibit was on view at Emmanuel Church in Newport during Summer 2017.

Partnering with US/ICOMOS to develop and maintain a virtual Knowledge Community on Climate Change and Heritage. Our first big project was a countdown of 22 cultural heritage #climateactions leading up to COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco. Follow @USICOMOS or @US/ICOMOSClimate for the latest.

Sharing the results of our Keeping 74 Bridge Street Case Study:

  • The project was shared at the 2022 Preservation in a Changing Climate conference in Salem, MA.
  • The exhibition was on view in the Peerless Building (also home to Union Studio) in Providence, RI, summer 2016 and at Roger Williams University in November 2016.
  • The exhibition booklet, “Keeping 74 Bridge Street Above Water,” is downloadable as a PDF here.

Hosting conferences and workshops across the country. In 2017, KHAW traveled to Annapolis, Palo Alto in 2018, St. Augustine and Nantucket in 2019, and Charleston and Salem in 2021. Stay tuned for future conferences!