Keeping History Above Water®: Norfolk

May 15-18, 2022

Chrysler Museum of Art
1 Memorial Place, Norfolk, VA 23510

“Norfolk is a historic city on the water. For 400 years, the city has been a key part of America’s history, commerce, and innovation. We are known for resilience—surviving wars, a plague, hurricanes, and social upheaval. Time and again, we reinvent and rebuild ourselves. We recognize the challenges before us and are addressing them head-on with a conviction and passion that is unique to the people who make Norfolk home today.” – City of Norfolk Office of Resilience

As the home of the world’s largest naval base and George Washington’s last remaining, ca. 1794 harbor fort, Norfolk, Virginia has a maritime heritage integral to its economy and its historic significance. The City of Norfolk’s VISION2100 predicts that the number of properties located in high-risk flood zones will double or triple by year 2100. While Norfolk and the greater Hampton Roads area have consistently made headlines for the region’s vulnerability to recurrent flooding, organizations in the region are at the forefront of research, policy-making, and implementing solutions.

Keeping History Above Water®: Norfolk will expand the conversation around adaptation, resilience, and solutions to the impacts of sea-level-rise, recurrent flooding, and climate change on historic resources discussed at previous conferences. Sessions will explore the theme “Informed Communities Charting Solutions,” and foster a collaborative and interdisciplinary discussion focused on implementing practical solutions, overcoming hurdles, and preserving communities in the process.

This will be the ninth iteration of Keeping History Above Water, and is being hosted by the Norfolk Preservation Collective, the City of Norfolk’s Office of Resilience, and Old Dominion University’s Institute for Coastal Adaptation and Resilience, in partnership with Newport Restoration Foundation. The conference will take place May 15-18,2022 at the Chrysler Museum of Art, and will include an opening plenary, 2 days of conference sessions, and optional tours, site visits, and networking opportunities.



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