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America Adapts

It’s official: Keeping History Above Water has entered the wonderful world of podcasts. Doug Parsons, the host of America Adapts: The Climate Change Podcast, joined us in St. Augustine to document the conversation and learn why preservationists are leading the adaptation charge. If you couldn’t join us for the conference, this episode is a useful highlights reel of our four days discussing climate impact on cultural resources.

In episode 90 of America Adapts, host Doug Parsons travels to beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida for the Keeping History Above Water conference. Doug interviews experts on the threat of sea level rise to cultural resources. Learn the innovative, proactive approaches the city of St. Augustine is taking to address sea level rise. The conference highlights the specific examples of adaptation planning that are happening at the local community level. Discover how historic preservation will be a key catalyst for adapting the built environment to climate change. Learn how the Keeping History Above Water initiative is challenging the historic preservation sector to factor in the enormous challenges of sea level rise.

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