Conference Publication 2016


Call for Papers

How can historic resources survive flooding due to climate change? Check out the next opportunity to contribute to NRF’s foundational text on how to keep history above water.

The Newport Restoration Foundation is now in the process of creating an edited book on the threats of rising sea level/riverine flooding to historic buildings, places, and landscapes and how changes to and potential erasure of these resources can be mitigated.

We are seeking papers (6,000-8,000 words) that address how to help historic places, buildings, and landscapes survive in the face of increased storm activity, rising sea level, and riverine flooding due to climate change.

Topics should focus on what preservationists/conservationists, engineers, city planners, legislators, insurers, historic homeowners and other decision makers need to know and the physical and community adaptation strategies that will be necessary in the future.

These papers should explore changes to planning processes, policies, and rules and the kinds of advocacy, education, and leadership needed to implement these changes.

For full details, you can read the Call for Papers here.

Abstracts due (optional): August 15

Papers due: October 15