Press Releases

Impacts of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage, 2/29/16

Conference Addresses Major Threat to Coastal Communities, 3/1/16

Model Approach to Sea Level Rise is Funded, 1/21/16

Announcement, 12/7/15


Why Museums Are Tackling Climate Change, Pieter Roos, executive director at the Newport Restoration Foundation

Preservation Leadership Forum, National Trust for Historic Preservation

“Continuing the conversation about preservation and climate change,” Kelsey Mullen, coordinator for academic programs & special projects at the Newport Restoration Foundation

In the News

“Protecting Heritage Resources from Flooding – the US Experience,” FloodList, Ed Hill, 12/21/16

“CNU, New England Chapter Announces 2016 Urbanism Awards,” 10/19/16

“Conference Website Receives Museum Publication Honors,” New England Museum Association, 6/1/16

“Keeping History Above Water,” AASLH History News, Sarah Sutton, Summer 2016 Vol. 71, #3

“Unwanted Water,” Center for the Future of Museums, Sarah Sutton, 5/31/16

Sea to Rising Sea: Archivists Responding to Climate Change,” Project_ARRC, 5/13/16

“Global Concern for Safeguarding Africa’s Cultural Heritage,” Voice of America, audio interview with Adam Markham and Margot Nishimura, 5/5/16

“City Leaders at Conference Share Steps They’ve Taken on Sea Level Rise,” The Capital Gazette, Annapolis, MD, 4/17/16

“Battle with the sea: Rising tides threaten historic properties,” Ambar Espinoza, RINPR, 3/17/16

“How will sea level rise affect Newport,” Pearl Macek, The Mercury, 3/16/16

“Newport Sees First Hand Threat of Climate Change,” The Providence Journal, Sunday, 3/15/16

“Drowning History: Sea Level Rise Threatens U.S. Historic Sites,” The Associated Press, 3/11/16

“Climate change, preservation among topics at ‘Keeping History Above Water’ conference,” The Providence Journal, 3/4/16

“Ocean State Urged to Adapt to Rising Seas Now,” ECO RI News, 3/2/16

“Newport Restoration Foundation Will Host Groundbreaking Conference on the Impacts of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage,” What’sUpNewp, 3/2/16

“Flooding in Newport Points to No Easy Solution,” Patch, 2/10/16

“Newport Hit with Flooding After Storms, High Tide,” GoLocalProv, 2/9/16

“House Resolution 7928: Recognizing and Commending the Dedication and Leadership of the Newport Restoration Foundation for Keeping History Above Water,” 3/10/16

“Report Forecasts Newport’s Economic Losses Caused by Climate Change,” Ambar Espinoza, RINPR, 1/26/16

“Some state battle Obama on climate change; others try to address it,” McClatchy DC, 11/9/15


Historic Coastal Communities and Flood Hazard: A Preliminary Evaluation of Impacts to Historic Properties (report)

High-res Images

Collection of conference photographs by Ryan T. Conaty

NRF’s 74 Bridge Street Project workshop, 1/21/16: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Speakers: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse | Mary Rowe | Adam Markham | Tom Dawson

Christopher Townshend House at 74 Bridge Street (composite showing dry & flooded conditions)

Aerial view of Newport, 1878

Predicted sea level rise in Newport (animation)