Tim Mason

Tim Mason


Mr. Mason has extensive experience in coastal and waterfront engineering, development, and management projects, focusing on coastal feasibility evaluations, engineering, and environmental assessment. His experience includes all phases of project implementation: planning and feasibility, permitting, design, plans and specifications, tendering/bidding, construction, monitoring, and mitigation planning. Project experience and locations extend along the east coast from Rhode Island to Florida, the Gulf of Mexico coast, Pacific coasts of Mexico and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Middle East.

Mr. Mason’s coastal work includes the development of comprehensive beach/shoreline management plans, tidal inlet studies and management planning, coastal flood hazard/risk evaluations, and dredging and reclamation projects. He has significant experience in geotechnical evaluations for beach nourishment projects, docking system design and specification (fixed and floating structures), and shoreline stabilization structures for both public and private clients.

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8:00 am-11:30 am
Ringhaver Student Center, 50 Sevilla Street, Classroom 214