Bradley Dean

Bradley Dean


Bradley Dean
Coastal Scientist
Michael Baker International

Bradley Dean is a Coastal Scientist with Michael Baker International’s Coastal Science and Engineering Practice and a Coastal Communications Specialist with FEMA’s Community Engagement and Risk Communication Program. His diverse background in coastal zone management, coastal ecology, flood risk, training, and geospatial analysis allow him to provide interdisciplinary planning and resilience guidance to communities. As lead of Michael Baker’s inaugural Planning Innovation Lab, he led Annapolis through the design and development of the story map Landmark at Risk: Protecting the Historic Seaport of Annapolis, Maryland. Bradley is a Certified Floodplain Manager and Certified Ecologist who earned a Master of Earth and Environmental Resource Management from University of South Carolina, a Master in Marine and Environmental Systems from Florida Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Marine Science & Biology from Coastal Carolina University.

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Session #4 | Messaging & Media

3:15 pm-4:45 pm
Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, Chesapeake Ballroom