Niek Veraart

Niek Veraart


Niek Veraart 
Vice President 
Louis Berger

Niek Veraart served as the firm’s lead for signature resilience infrastructure planning and development projects such as the World Trade Center Memorial and Redevelopment Plan and the resilience response to the disruptive effects of Superstorm Sandy.  He led Louis Berger’s services for New York City’s Raise Shorelines project, which included a programmatic evaluation framework of grey and green shoreline protection solutions against sea level rise and erosion along New York City’s 500-mile shoreline and Community Reconstruction Plans for six Sandy-impacted communities in New York City and on Long Island. He is currently serving as Principal-in-Charge on New Jersey FRAMES (Fostering Regional Adaptation through Municipal Economic Scenarios), a NOAA funded regional resilience project and serves as Louis Berger’s environmental lead for three Rebuild By Design projects in New York and New Jersey. He is a co-author of the Navy Climate Change Adaptation Handbook and the Transit Systems Resilience Handbook and is conducting resilience research for the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Institute of Water Resources. He is currently developing a public-private resilience investment portfolio in Newport RI. Mr. Veraart has a graduate degree in engineering with a focus on landscape architecture and regional planning from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

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Landscape and Resiliency

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