Jenifer Eggleston


Jenifer Eggleston came to the National Park Service’s State, Tribal, and Local Plans & Grants program in 2007 to serve as the primary grants manager for the Hurricane Katrina and Rita Recovery Grant program.

The program originated in 1990, when Congress directed NPS to study and report on Tribal preservation funding needs.  The findings of that report, Keepers of the Treasures—Protecting Historic Properties and Cultural Traditions on Indian Lands, provided the foundation for this program and for the establishment of the grants programs.

Her responsibilities include monitoring and providing guidance to the states that were the recipients of special emergency grant funding for disaster recovery for over 800 historic preservation grant projects.

Since 2013, her work has been focused on Hurricane Sandy grant funding and disaster planning for state and tribal projects. She has participated on an early response team to Hurricane Katrina as well as deploying to FEMA’s Joint Field Office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to assist with the cultural resource response needs post-Hurricane Isaac.

Prior to coming to the National Park Service she worked in the Community Revitalization program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and served as a project manager for an national education nonprofit.

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