Jeana Wiser

Resilient Communities Manager, Preservation Green Lab

Jeana Wiser

Resilient Communities Manager, Preservation Green Lab
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At Preservation Green Lab, Jeana works at the intersection of old buildings and resilience; climate change, local and small business, and energy.

She communicates and demonstrates the role that older buildings have in meeting the needs of local and community-based resilience efforts by advocating for policies and incentives that place older buildings at a seat at the resilience table.

Motivated by the belief that older (and often smaller) buildings are an essential ingredient for supporting existing communities and addressing many social and environmental justice issues, Jeana loves old buildings because of their power to help PEOPLE.

Before joining Preservation Green Lab in 2011, Jeana attended the University of Washington in Seattle earning a Master Degree in Urban Planning and a Certificate of Historic Preservation.

Jeana is a member of the Association of Preservation Technology’s Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation, the Urban Land Institute – New York City, and also serves on the Executive Committee of a New Orleans-based nonprofit, the Building Resilience Workshop.

Watch this short video to see Ms. Wiser discuss the meaning of the work at Preservation Green Lab.

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Panel #3 | Informing Action

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Marriott Ballroom