James Charles

James Charles


James Charles is the President of Volya Innovative Solutions, a consulting firm that focuses on environmental, natural resources, cultural, and governance issues and projects.  He is also the President of James E. Charles Law, a law firm with practice areas including environmental, government, cultural, and natural resources.  He works closely with Tribal Governments assisting and representing them with Government-to-Government consultations; developing and implementing strategies to protect Tribal interests on and off Tribal lands; developing and negotiating agreements with local, state and federal agencies; enhancing Tribal Self-Governance/Self Determination; and developing Tribal infrastructure/capacity.  His passion for working with Tribal Governments began with the Seminole Tribe of Florida assisting in protecting their cultural and environmental interests in connection with Everglades Restoration.  This passion carries forward as his greatest satisfaction is working collaboratively with Tribal Governments to develop Tribal capacity for self-governance and preserve Tribal culture and heritage for future generations.

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