CAPT Emil Petruncio

CAPT Emil Petruncio


CAPT Emil Petruncio, USN (Ret.), Ph.D.
Sea Level Rise Advisory Council
United States Naval Academy

Dr. Emil Petruncio is a founding member of the Sea Level Rise Advisory Council at the U.S. Naval Academy, where he has reviewed national sea level rise studies, helped identify local vulnerabilities to sea level rise and storm surge, and informed planning for sea level rise adapation.  Dr. Petruncio is a retired Navy captain who served as a Surface Warfare Officer, Naval Oceanographer, and Permanent Military Professor of Oceanography during his 32 years on active duty.  During his assignment as a Permanent Military Professor at the Naval Academy, he served as co-Director of the Sea Level Rise Advisory Council, Special Assistant to the Director of Research and Scholarship, and Chair of the Oceanography Department, and taught Ocean Waves and Tides, Environmental Remote Sensing, and several other physical oceanography courses.  He is currently providing support to the Ocean Exploration Trust as a navigator and expedition leader aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus.  Dr. Petruncio has a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography from the U.S. Naval Academy, a Master of Science in Physical Oceanography and Meteorology from the Naval Postgraduate School, a Master of Science in National Security Strategy from the National Defense University, and a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from the Naval Postgraduate School.

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