Andrew A. Galvan

Andrew A. Galvan


Andrew A. Galvan is a descendant of the Ohlone, Bay Miwok, Plains Miwok and Patwin Indians whose ancestral lands comprise the greater San Francisco Bay Region.  His family’s roots reach back beyond European contact in the area.  Andrew traces his ancestral lineage to the laying of the cornerstone of the first buildings at Mission San Jose by his great-great-grandfather Chief Tarino.  The cornerstone for the present restored mission chapel was laid by his father Felipe “Phil” Galvan in June 1982.  Recent research has discovered his great-great-great-great grandfather’s baptismal entry in the Registers of Mission Dolores, dated November 1794.

Lately, Andrew Galvan’s efforts have focused on developing ways to preserve information about America’s ancient past for the benefit of future generations.  One of his strong beliefs is that Ohlone people need to know more about their ancestors.  He views archaeology and physical anthropology as a way of retrieving some of what his people have lost.  He believes that studies of archaeological remains are the only way he can discover what the lives of his ancient ancestors were really like.

Since 1978, he has been an active promoter of the Canonization Cause of Padre Junipero Serra and is currently Vice-Chairperson of the SERRA Cause Board of Directors.

In September 2015, Andrew was appointed by the California Conference of Catholic Bishops to lead a cultural study of all 21 California Missions. The Study will include a review of displays and signage, updates to materials used to train docents and guides, and similar updates to artwork and presentations on Mission and related websites.

Andrew is President of The Board of Directors of The Ohlone Indian Tribe, Inc., as well as President of the Board of Directors for the Committee for the Restoration of Mission San Jose.  A long-time member of The California Mission Studies Association Andrew was its Board President from 1993 – 1997. Andrew is a founding member of The California Missions Foundation.

As of February 1, 2004, Andrew has undertaken the duties as Curator of Old Mission Dolores, San Francisco, California.

Since 2006, Andrew has joined the Franciscan Pilgrimage Program assisting in pilgrimages to the Alta California Missions. Andrew earned his B.A. in History from the California State University at Hayward.