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Press Releases

KHAW SERVPRO Press Release 10/29/17

Annapolis Reveals Weather It Together Story Map at International Conference, 10/24/17

Conference Announcement, 6/27/17

In the News

“Keeping History Above Water: Conference on Heritage Sites and Rising Waters,” AASLH . Sarah Sutton, 11/16/17

“Flooding May Become Everyday Occurrence in Low Sea Level Areas of Maryland,” CBS Baltimore. 11/1/17

“Our Say: Keeping History Above Water Not a Metaphor,” Capital Gazette. 11/1/17

“Sea Level Rise in Annapolis: Officials Say Daily Nuisance Flooding on the Horizon,” Capital Gazette. Rachael Pacella,10/31/17

“Water Works: Annapolis, Private Groups Prep for Floods,” Capital Gazette. Danielle Ohl, 10/30/17

“Keeping History Above Water Conference Seeks to Keep Annapolis High and Dry,” Capital Gazette. Selene San Felice, 10/29/27

Rising sea levels threaten $19 billion in real estate across Maryland, study says,” Capital Gazette. Catherine Rentz, 10/28/17. See also: Baltimore Sun.

“Annapolis Reveals Weather It Together Story Map on Sea Levels,” Patch. 10/24/17.

Maryland Heritage Fund Highlight, 10/18/17

“Why Flood Insurance is not Just for  Rainy Day,” Capital Gazette. Lisa Craig, 9/2/17

“Second Annual Keeping History Above Water Conference Coming to Annapolis,” Conduit. Kevin Kinnally, 8/9/17

“Annapolis Looks to Keep Its History Above Water,” Route Fifty. Bill Lucia, 7/30/17

Daily floods could plague Annapolis in 50 years,” CBS Baltimore. 6/29/17

Conference Set on Keeping US Colonial History Above Water,” Associated Press. Brian Witte, 6/25/17

How One Small City is Making Big Moves in Resilience Planning,Cities Speak. Paul Konz, 6/23/17

“Preserving Newport’s Architectural History in the Face of Sea Level Rise,” Puddingstone Post. Meaghan O’Neill, 6/8/17

Annapolis seeks to fight sea level rise without losing its waterfront charm,” The Baltimore Sun. Kevin Rector, 5/1/16

Reports and Related Climate News

“Climate Change Journalist Warns: ‘Mother Nature Is Playing By Different Rules Now,'” Fresh Air, NPR. 10/24/17

The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World is Watching,” New York Times. Michael Kimmelman, 6/15/17

On the Front Lines of Tidal Flooding,Encroaching Tides: How Sea Level Rise and Tidal Flooding Threaten US East and Gulf Coast Communities over the Next 30 Years. Union of Concerned Scientists, 2014.